Residential Flood Insurance

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Residential Flood Insurance

Flooding isn’t one of those things which only happens to other people in other states for you to watch on the television while you’re all cosy and dry, it can happen just about anywhere. I mean, there are some places which are at a higher risk of flooding than others, but just because you live in a low risk area that doesn’t mean zero risk, it just means low risk (actually that will probably mean that your residential flood insurance premiums will be lower).  Flooding can happen in all 50 states of America so it’s something which you need to plan for . . . just in case.  It only takes a few inches of flood water to cause damage for thousands of dollars (the average claim over the last 10 years is a whopping $48,000).

Flood insurance policies often have to be in force for a full 30 days before they’ll pay up on any damage, so don’t wait until the water is already rising before you get sorted out in the flood insurance department, do it now . . . you never know when a flood might strike.

Residential flood insurance is available for homeowners, home renters and people who live in condos, it doesn’t matter whether you rent or own your home, you need to get covered against flooding.

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