Flood Insurance Risk Assessments

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Flood Insurance Risk Assessments

Flood insurance is one of those things which lots of people think they don’t need . . . either because they’ve got it covered with their normal house insurance (which they probably haven’t) or because they think that they’re in a “flood free zone” (which they probably aren’t).

So what things do you need to take into account when assessing the flooding risks of a property? Well, lots of the work has already been done for you but let’s look at just a few scenarios which might be on your mind!

  • Why isn’t my house on the risk database? – Whereas FEMA is doing its best to map every community in the US, it all takes time. Add to that the fact that flood risks are constantly changing (and along with it the flood zones). There’s a national effort going on to get every community included in a digital database, maybe you’re in one of those areas. This does not mean that you are at zero risk of flooding!
  • My house is at the top of the hill so it can’t flood – Floods can happen anywhere, just because your house is at the top of the hill your house won’t be as likely to flood, but it still could happen. Floods happen for many reasons: melting snow; heavy rain; failed dams & levees; blocked drains (keep ’em clear). Nobody is ultimately 100% safe from floods, so do look at every possibility before making an informed decision about whether you need a flood insurance policy.
  • The community where I live has never been flooded but we’re still in a moderate to low risk area – every community is within a flood zone, it’s just the amount of risk which changes. Just because a flood hasn’t happened before it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen in the future. Flood history is just one small piece of data which is used to assess the risk of flooding in any particular zone.
  • Not a very nice sight to greet you is it? At least if you’ve got adequate flood insurance you know that it will all work out in the end . . .

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