Flooding Information

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Flooding Information

What exactly is a flood? Okay, you might think it’s a silly question, generally it means that places (and things) are wet which aren’t usually wet and definitely ought not to be wet. Floods can happen anywhere, you don’t have to live on the banks of a river or at the bottom of a mountain, if it rains where you live, it can flood where you live. Flooding occurs in all 50 states of America, even though you might live in moderate to low risk area you can never be completely free from the risk of flooding, and just because it’s never flooded before it certainly doesn’t mean that it can’t happen.

Why Does It Flood

Floods can happen for many different reasons, well, I know that the common denominator is water, but water can cause flooding because of many different reasons (there, is that better)? Floods can happen because of hurricanes and torrential rain, but even a small rain shower can cause a flood if the drain is blocked or not up to the job. Keep those drains free from debris, dead leaves etc. Anything which can cause a blockage can cause a flood.

These days there are flood hazard maps which can pinpoint the amount of flooding risk in your community. This can be due to many different things:

  • Heavy rain fall
  • The flow of the river, and the river doesn’t have to be going past your door, it can be due to a river miles away from you which simply bursts its banks and runs amok.
  • Heavy tides and coastal activity – we’ve all seen the devastation caused by tsunami’s, right?
  • Flood control measures – prevention is better than cure, if at all possible.
  • Topography – a posh word for the lie of the land.
  • Building and development can really affect the flooding hazards of the land, not necessarily the land in the immediate vicinity either, but some developments can really alter the way that the water is dealt with by the land.

Anyway, going back to the flood hazard maps, you may discover that your property is in an area which has a low risk of flooding, but it can still happen. The good news is that your flood insurance premiums should be lower than for those who live in a high risk area.

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