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Fire damage

Now I know that this is a site about flood insurance, but you must have fire insurance for your home or business as well.

These are the reasons you need fire insurance.

  • If you live in an area which is hot and dry, at least for a portion of the year, then your property is at an increased risk of being burnt. Compound this if your property is close to woods, clumps of trees and areas of dry grass. When the weather gets really hot the woods can sometimes simply catch fire which can quickly spread to your house, especially if there are strong winds. Fire insurance is essential if this sounds like your property!
  • Even if you think that you’re extra careful at keeping your house safe from fire, and fire insurance is an unnecessary expense which you can save on, your home may be at risk of fire. A burning cigarette butt thrown from a passing car window, a fallen matchstick or a yard fire which got out of hand. Children playing with candles, matches or lighting firecrackers in the holiday season . . . all of these things (plus many more) can result in fire in your property, and if you don’t have adequate fire insurance you’ll watch all of your belongings going up in smoke and possibly not have the funds to replace them.
  • Fire insurance for smokers often has more expensive premiums than fire insurance for non smoking households . . . an estimated 20,000 property fires every year are caused by burning cigarettes . . . either cigarettes which have not been extinguished properly, fallen from the ash tray, or smokers falling asleep whilst holding a lighted cigarette.
  • Many households fires are also caused by electrical fires . . . we all have electronic equipment in our homes, and a little unnoticed faulty wiring can cause a fire in your home at any time of the night or day. Fire insurance is very important for everybody!

If your house burns down, where are you gonna’ live? Had you thought of that one? As well as having the expense of replacing all of your household items, well, the ones which are replaceable anyway, practically speaking you’re gonna need somewhere to stay until you get things sorted out. Some fire insurance policies can help . . . not only with providing the funding to rebuild or repair your home, replace your furniture, appliances, clothes etc, but also some money to go towards paying the rent on temporary accommodation until your home is habitable again.

I Can’t Really Afford Fire Insurance – What Can I Do To Reduce the Premiums?

There are some measures which you can take to help reduce the risks of your home being damaged by fire, and as such many insurance companies will reflect this in the price of your fire insurance premiums.

  • Don’t smoke! Around 20,000 properties are burned each year as a direct result of careless smoking by the householders, so smokers can expect to pay significantly more for their fire insurance – stands to reason really.
  • Install smoke alarms. Smoke alarms can help to save lives, and also help to reduce your fire insurance premiums – plus they’re really cheap to buy and easy to install. Make sure that you test the batteries in your smoke alarm regularly¬† . . . . I find burning the toast each Sunday morning does that job just fine!
  • Install heat sensors and a sprinkler system. A smoke alarm will warn you about the fire and help to save your life, but an installed sprinkler system will actually help to reduce the damage caused by a fire, meaning that the fire insurance won’t have to pay out for quite as much damage so¬†they may offer reduced fire insurance premiums.

Did you manage to keep up with that? You’ve gotta’ be a fast reader, if you’re having trouble simply pause it every once in a while.

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